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Deliverable 2.1: Lifestyle changes and sustainable transition in neighbourhoods

Deliverable 3.1: Neighbourhood Case Analysis


Newspaper article, Pyhäntä, Finland – May 20, 2024, “Siikajokilaakso”, “VTT selvitti pyhäntäläisten kokemuksia ja nä­ke­myk­siä il­mas­ton­muu­tok­ses­ta – Tu­lok­set on nyt jul­kais­tu”  (Link to the article)

Newspaper article published after the third intervention in Macomer, Sardinia, Italy, March 2024: “L’Unione Sarda” (Link to the article)

Article on the popular science website by the Research Council of Finland – July 11, 2023:, “Tutkijat etsivät keinoja osallistaa kansalaisia ilmastotoimiin” (Link)

Newspaper article, Graz, Austria – October 30, 2022: “Der Grazer”, “Umfrage im Grazer Bezirk Jakomini: Klimawandel bei 9 von 10 spürbar“ (Link to the article)

Newspaper article, Graz, Austria – November 29, 2022: “Annenpost”, “Wie sich die Klimakrise in Eggenberg auswirkt“ (Link to the article)

Newspaper article, Admont, Austria – December 2022: ” Admonter Nachrichten”, “Klimawandel in Admont kreativ anpacken und gemeinsam lernen“ (Link to the article)

Newspaper article, Pyhäntä, Finland – November 2022, “Siikajokilaakso”, “Ahdistaako ilmastonmuutos – katso myös video”  (Link to the article)

Newspaper article, Myrsletta Nordre Follo, Norway, “Østlandets Bland”, “Nabolag i Ski tar miljøet på alvor – vil halvere bilparken” (Link to the article)



IAPS conference, July 6, 2022: “You are not alone: Neighbourhood sense of community and collective efficacy as potential boosters for high-effort behaviour change and GHG reduction”

YHYS 2022 research colloquium Messy sustainability: uncertainties in policy implementation, Workshop 1: Just transition: a pathway to future or just another buzzword? November 24-25, 2022, University of Tampere, Finland. Abstract: Case studies of wind power in Northern Finland 

23rd Austrian Climate Day, Leoben, Austria, April 11-13, 2023

Sustainability Science Days, Helsinki, Finland – May 24, 2023: “Studying climate related attitudes and challenges in two Finnish municipalities – Local views and experiences related to wind turbines“.

Europe’s influential climate adaptation conference ECCA 2023, Dublin, Ireland – June 19-21, 2023: “An approach for innovative Climate Learning, Evaluation and Action in Neighbourhoods”.

Real Corp Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia – September 18-20, 2023: “How can Climate Learning be Initiated? Piloting Unconventional Interventions in Neighbourhoods”

International Conference on Environmental Mindfulness, Rome, Italy – November 13-16, 2023: “Drivers and barriers of pro-environmental behaviour: The role of individual, social and contextual factors in explaining individuals’ decisions to engage in mitigative action”

Overcoming Obstacles to Climate Change Mitigation: a cross-cutting approach by human and social sciences. International and interdisciplinary scientific conference, 23-24 May, 2024:  “Climate action at the neighbourhood level – how important are individual and collective factors?”


Presentation in interventions

Intervention 1 in Myrsletta Nordre Follo, Norway – September 22, 2022, presentation

Intervention 1 in Driva Oppdal, Norway – October 7-8th, 2022, presentation

Intervention 1 in Jakomini, Austria – October 28, 2022: Survey results ”Climate change in the neighbourhood” in Jakomini

Intervention 1 in Admont, Austria – November 8, 2022: Survey results ”Climate change in the neighbourhood” in Admont

Intervention 1 in Eggenberg, Austria – November 10, 2022: Survey results ”Climate change in the neighbourhood” in Eggenberg

Intervention 1 in Pyhäntä,Finland – November 8, 2022: Presentation “Theatre, research results and discussion on climate change in Pyhäntä”

Intervention 1 in Simo,Finland – November 9, 2022: Presentation “Theatre, research results and discussion on climate change in Simo”

Intervention 2 in Pyhäntä, Finland – May 25, 2023: presentation


Stephan Schwarzinger, Michael Brenner-Fliesser, Sebastian Seebauer, Giuseppe Carrus, Eugenio De Gregorio, Christian A. Klöckner, Hanna Pihkola. Lifestyle can be anything if not defined. A review of understanding and use of the lifestyle concept in sustainability studies, Heliyon, 2024.