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Case Studies Myrsletta Nordre Follo

Myrsletta is located 2 km from the Ski center, which constitutes approximately a 27 minutes’ walk. Field A was regulated in 1981 and building started in 1989. The neighborhood consists of town- and semi-detached houses, which are divided vertically. Myrsletta has a total of approximately 500 residents, of which many of these are families with children, but also some seniors. Most residents own their houses or apartments, but the neighborhood also has some social housing residents, who rent from the Municipality. The schools are close by, with the following districts: Hebekk barneskole (primary school) and Ski ungdomsskole (junior high school). Nordre Follo is expected to grow quickly due to an improved connection via commuter trains to Oslo which will make the commuting distance only 10 minutes from Oslo central station compared to today’s circa 20 minutes.

In Nordre Follo municipality, climate changes and especially the loss of species is a concern. The risk of loss of species and issues concerning future land use is dominant in the municipality’s descriptions. The expected growth of Nordre Follo is considered a challenge especially with regards to land use and mobility. There is also discussion on the increased precipitation levels, and some work on securing the foundations of the houses and leading the water away (open water solutions and pumping the water away) will become actualised and may be a way in to more specific engagement.

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Myrsletta Norway