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Case Studies Eggenberg

The district Eggenberg is an urban district of the Styrian capital Graz (Austria). As of January 1, 2021, 23.670 people lived in Eggenberg. The district is bordered in the west by the mountain range of Plabutsch. The name of the district Eggenberg goes back to the Eggenberg castle, which is located in the district. Since 2010, the castle and large areas in the central part of the district belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site City of Graz.

The district is characterized by lively construction activities (especially housing). In the eastern part of the district, there are industrial enterprises (near the train station). With regard to public transport, Eggenberg has two tramway lines and three bus lines. The forests of Plabutsch in the western part of the district are used by the population as a recreational area.


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