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Case Studies Jakomini

The lively residential and commercial district of Jakomini is located in the south of the center of the Styrian capital Graz (Austria). Almost 30,000 people live in an area of 4.06 km², which makes the Jakomini district the most populous of Graz (population density of about 7,400 people per km²). The district plays an important role in Graz’s city life not only because of its central location, but mainly because of its institutions, remarkable buildings and numerous events.

The district of Jakomini is home to the Messe Graz, the Stadthalle and the Seifenfabruk, which host different types of events. The park Augarten is used for recreation and leisure. The central square of the district, Jakominiplatz, also plays an important role as a central public transport hub and is frequented daily by many citizens.

The two largest parts of the Graz University of Technology – the campus “Neue Technik” and the campus “Inffeldgasse” – are located in the Jakomini district. Other important municipal institutions such as the Graz Regional Court, the Graz Tax Office or the Regional Health Insurance Fund are also located in the Jakomini district.


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