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Case Studies Simo

The CLEANcultures case studies of Finland deal with two cases on construction of wind power and local processes related. Another one of the case studies is in the municipality of Simo, located in Southern Lapland, by the Bay of Bothnia. In the beginning of 2021, there were 2942 inhabitants in the municipality. The municipality has a total area of 2 086 km², with a population density of 2.0 inhabitants per km2. Measured by the number of companies, the most significant branches in Simo are construction, transportation and warehousing, wholesale, and retail. ​Tourism businesses are on the rise.

The Lyypäkki wind power park under planning is located more than 30 kilometers northeast of the municipal center of Simo. The land area is owned by the Finnish state and the ownership is administered by a state-owned enterprise, Metsähallitus. According to the preliminary plans, the wind power park includes altogether some 40 windmills.

Planning of the wind power construction, and the related Official Environmental Impact Assessment process aim at considering different uses of the land areas, such as those of businesses and recreational users, and ensuring their interoperability. It is expected that other parties and groups, e.g., berry pickers and hunters, use the area and its surroundings. According to preliminary schedule, construction of the wind power park would begin during years 2023-25, and the park could be in operation approximately 2025-27.


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