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Case Studies Pyhanta

The CLEANcultures studies of Finland deal with two cases on construction of wind power and local processes related. Another one of the case studies is in the municipality of Pyhäntä, located in Northern Ostrobothnia (inland).  At the end of 2019, there were 1578 inhabitants in the municipality, and it covers a total area of 847.5 km², with a population density of 1.8 inhabitants per km2. Most commonly, jobs in Pyhäntä are employed by industry.

Windfarm in Pyhäntä is planned to Konnunsuo, including state-owned land administered by a state-owned enterprise, Metsähallitus, private land areas, and areas that were previously used for peat production and real estate attached to it. According to preliminary plans, altogether 25-38 windmills will be built in the area, summing up to total nominal capacity of 250-300 MW.

Planning of wind power park and the related Official Environmental Impact Assessment process mandated by the law are currently ongoing, aiming at considering other uses of the land areas and needs by them, such as those of businesses. There are parallel uses of the area, such as recreational use, berry picking and hunting. According to preliminary schedule, construction of the wind power park could begin during years 2024-25, and the park could be in operation approximately 2025-27.

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